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An Evening Feast to Remember: Our Meticulous Media Dining Experience at Jade by Todd English

Our recent media visit to this exquisite restaurant left us spellbound, and we're thrilled to share our experience with you.
Sizzling Prime Delight: The Scrumptious Transformation of Henry's Steakhouse
As we stepped into this newly revamped haven–once known as Henry’s Bar & Grill, it was clear that the restaurant has successfully elevated the dining experience with an exquisite selection of premium meat-based dishes.
Offering Mediterranean Delights, Kuta Social Club Arrives at Uppercut Steakhouse
After the success of its iconic rooftop pool club concept in Bali, Kuta Social Club is coming to Surabaya, bringing the charm of Mediterranean cuisine with the beautiful ambiance of Kuta beach, often referred to as a paradise for tourists, with its soft white sand harmoniously blending with the crashing waves, offering the exoticism of Bali that captivates anyone who sets foot there.
Burgundy Wanderlust: Luxury Wine and Stay Getaway at COMO Le Montrachet
Tucked in the heart of Puligny-Montrachet, one of the world's most celebrated wine destinations, COMO Le Montrachet offers an exquisite blend of history, luxury, and unparalleled hospitality.
HUGE Restaurant & Bar: Seminyak's Snazzy Spot for Culinary Delights
Join What's New Bali as we unlock the secrets behind this enchanting experience, revealing the divine delicacies and enchanting moments that await within HUGE's mysterious walls.
BBQ Banquet Under The Stars: Seminyak Eats at Makase Restaurant, Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach
Seminyak Eats features a tantalizing array of local fresh catches and premium quality meats cooked to perfection. This package includes an exquisite BBQ buffet and captivating Balinese entertainment. What's New Bali had the privilege to taste this newest dining offering at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. Join us as we share our delightful experience!
Promoting Harmony for Indonesia through Special Holiday Menus
Sarirasa Group, a cornerstone of Indonesia's culinary industry, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this July.
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